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    Billabong launches Gluten Free


    Billabong launches Gluten Free Beers at the Wa Coeliac society AGM at Challenge Stadium in suburban Perth.

    At the conclusion of the AGM, society members were treated to free samples of Billabongs Blonde (a pale lager style-4.5%)Ginger Beer( a sweet soft drink style beer -4.5%) and a super dry Apple Beer(5%) complimented by gluten free muffins and a range of other food samples.
    Billabong Director Alan Proctor, explained that the existing beer styles, the first Gluten free Beers (GFB)to be produced in WA, are to be the forerunners to further styles currently under development. All GFB are subject to stringent controls ensure no cross contamination with conventional brewing ingredients can occur. The beers are all made from base ingredients that are gluten free and the process is backed up by independent laboratory testing. Each certified GFB carries the Australian Coeliac Society logo as support to our procedures and controls and to help the consumer to have faith in these beers.

    Mr Proctor took the opportunity to thank the Wa Department of Agriculture and Food for their part in the development of these products and the Wa Coeliac Society, in particular Ms Necole Rowe, who has been most supportive both in the development of the concept and the introduction of the beer to people with Coeliac disease.

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