• 25

    Billabong Brewing New Web Site Launched


    Here we are in another New Year and we have launched our brand new web site.

    Making it more efficient for you to order beers on line either our craft beer or gluten free range of beers.

    A separate section on our web site for our wholesale customers giving our retail outlets the latest news and on line ordering will be introduced. To all our Wholesalers I will be contacting you on how easy it will be to order online through our web site soon.

    Keep up to date with the latest trends in our beers, new food recipes, latest news, special and all all the happenings from Billabong Brewing.

    Keep up to date with whats new in the Brew on Premises and the Beer of the month new food recipes.

    Keep up to date with our Monthly Newsletters to let you know what is trending in our Beer world, also to let you know whats new at the Pubs and who is serving our beers.





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