• Gluten Free Beers

    Gluten Free Symbol

    With the assistance of the WA Department for Agriculture and Food, and under the guidance of the WA and Australian Coeliac Societies, we have developed a starting range of three Certified Gluten Free beers –

    1. NEIPA (6%abv)
    2. Ginger Beer (4.5%)  

    Further beer styles are in development, including a Mid Strength and a dark Ale , next year should see some darker, richer beer styles being added to our list.

    You will note each of these beers carries the unique logo of the Australian Coeliac Society certifying it to be “gluten free”. The license to use this logo is given by the Society only after they have examined the recipe(s) and are satisfied that the processes in manufacture ensure no gluten containing matter can contaminate the product. Additionally, each batch is independently laboratory tested for gluten by the most rigorous testing possible (in this instance to 5ppm). The fact that our products have passed this testing is testament to the diligence applied to the process and is a reflection of the demand by you, the consumer, that these beers can be consumed by you with unwavering confidence. All of this means that our beers cost a little more than mainstream beer products, but we expect you would agree that in the circumstances the safety of the product will easily outweigh the extra expense.

    We trust you enjoy the beer, in moderation as all beers should be consumed, and would be pleased to discuss our processes or products with you at any time. Please email us with any queries, comments or suggestions, and we will try to keep you informed as new beer styles become available.


    Ginger Beer

    Seemingly Harmless Ginger BeerOur “Gardener’s Brew” Not a soft drink and more Ginger than beer! Refreshing and seemingly harmless but more than two will see the garden take a back seat.
    Certified and Gluten free

    4.5% Alc/vol (Approx 1.2 standard drinks)
    Store refrigerated and consume fresh.
    Contains no artificial preservatives or additives.
    The natural ginger may separate, threfore gently roll the bottle prior to opening for a fuller flavour.

    Apple Beer

    Refreshing Apple BeerGreen and Dry, tasting a lot like what apples do to cider! Lightly hopped & fermented right out to give a crisp, sparkling, refreshingly dry finish.
    Certified and Gluten free.

    5.0% Alc/vol (Approx 1.3 standard drinks)
    Store refrigerated and consume fresh.
    Contains no artificial preservatives or additives.

    Australia’s Pale Ale

    Australia's Pale AleFirst bottled on 26 January 2008.

    Crisp, clean and thouroughly refreshing, made with our climate in mind. Some passionfruit and grapefruit tones prepares for a light floral Cascade & NZ B Saaz hop finish, Gluten free and fit for any true blue can be drunk on any of Australia’s 365/366 days of the year but a must on 26th January 2008.