• Traditional Range $195

    67 Steam Beer 4.9%
    A beer with the best of both worlds. Clean fresh feel of a lager, with the full body of an ale.
    (Anchor Steam Beer*)

    89 Special Dutch Pils 5.2%
    Classic Belgian pilsener with distinctive hop flavours.
    (Stella Artois*)

    49 Irish Stout 4.6%
    Robust full flavoured stout. Unique rich and dark texture is from a specially roasted malt, very true to style.

    93 Irish Real Ale 4.9%
    Mid brown mild flavoured ale.

    23 Avonlea Ale 5.0%
    Light, crisp with a hint of wheat. Perfect for a hot evening.
    (Billabong Original)

    102 Castel Lager 5.0%
    South African lager – full bodied, hoppy with a crisp finish.
    (Castle Lager*)

    48 Micki’s Lager 5.1%
    Nicely balanced full flavoured lager from the Emerald Isle.
    (Harp Lager*)

    53 Munich Dunkel 4.9%
    German style dark beer full flavoured.
    (BB Original)

    32 Cream Ale 5.0%
    Mellow and smooth, enhanced by a soft fruity character.
    (Calders Cream Ale*)

    33 Creamy Porter 4.9%
    Black ale roasted barley and chocolate flavour in the traditional porter style.
    (Old Growler*)

    1 Alsacian Ale 6.5%
    Golden coloured ale. Full strength and flavour. Not a dog!
    (Billabong Original)

    65 Scottish Export 4.6%
    Honey amber in colour and a flavour with a delicious aftertaste.
    (McEwans Export*)

    66 Special Bitter 5.0%
    Similar in style to the pub bitter but with a stronger and more pronounced malt flavour
    (Bishops Finger*)

    54 Munich Helles 5.1%
    Lighter in colour than the usual “Munich” beers with distinctive Saaz hop flavour.
    (Hofbrauhaus Munchen*)

    44 German Pilsner 5.0%
    A full strength pilsner, not typical of German beers in general having a more noticeable hop bitterness.

    95 Pommy Boddy Ale 4.9%
    English amber ale

    69 Weizen 4.9%
    German wheat beer with smooth wheat grain flavour.
    (Schofferhofer Kristallweizen*)

    103 German Pils New 5.0%
    A light bodied, golden lager with a sharp hoppy finish.

    110 Billabong Amber Ale 4.9%
    This original Amber ale has a light mouthfeel malty and roasted finish.
    (James Squires*)

    59 Oktoberfest Lager 5.2%
    Next stage in the development of the “Munich” style beers. Exhibits a strong dry malt flavour rather than the caramel flavour of the “Dunkel”.
    (Billabong Original)

    * Denotes similar in style to