• Super Range $200

    84 Widow Maker 9.6%
    Warms the back of your eyes with a sledge hammer.
    (Carlsberg Special*)

    25 Belgian Trippel 8.2%
    Named after the Devil and for good reason. Powerful golden ale style.

    77 Rhino Beer 7.2%
    Big round beer with strong fruit and warm finish.
    (Carlsberg Elephant Beer*)

    86 Spider Poison 6.9%
    Designed as revenge for WW II. Golden coloured, dry and deceptive.
    (Billabong Original)

    41 ESB 5.5%
    The pride of the Billabong fleet. Powerful with its full body and powerful hop bitterness and flavour.
    (Fullers Extra Special Bitter*)

    43 English Strong Ale 6.7%
    One for a cold winter’s night by a log fire. A big round flavour and some extra alcohol to warm
    the toes.
    (Billabong Original)

    47 India Pale Ale 5.7%
    Our IPA is based on a beer brewed to fortify His Majesty’s troops in the heyday of the British Raj. Very strong and well hopped.
    (Billabong Original)

    64 Scotch Ale 8.7%
    Typical example of a Scottish ale. More emphasis on the malt flavours with a clean lager taste. The most potent of ale the Billabong range, this beer is sure to put a haggis in your sporran.
    (McEwan’s Scotch Ale*)

    24 Bavarian Bock 6.4%
    Two fixed properties of the German Bock is that it must be sweet and it must be strong. This beer has both these properties and will knock you down like an old billy goat.
    (Billabong Original)

    26 Bohemian Lager 5.4%
    Lighter German style beer
    (if there is such a thing) with a distinct high bitterness and a light body.
    (Billabong Original)

    112 4 Hop Ale 3.8%
    This hop thief has a surprising but pleasant fruity hop flavour and is mid brown in colour. If you like Little Creatures Rogers Beer you will love this.

    81 Boris Bradinov Imperial Stout 8.5%
    Traditional Imperial extra strong stout, sweet with a dry roast barley after taste. Originally brewed in London in the 18th century.

    92 Old and Unusual 5.0%
    In the style of Theakstons Old Peculiar, rich dark old ale with roast malt flavour, very true in style.

    96 Ginger Flavoured Beer 5.0%
    A controversial beer with a huge traditional ginger taste. A great gardening drink

    101 Billabong Super Dry Cider 5.0%
    Full apple flavoured cider with a dry, lasting finish – English style.
    (Ask about sweet cider)

    * Denotes similar in style to