• Standard Range $180

    10 Australian Dark Ale 4.4%
    Smooth grain flavours. Perfect early morning beer.
    (Tooheys Old*)

    9 Australian Summer Ale 4.9%
    Light malt and fresh hop flavour make this an ideal beer for a dry hot day.
    (Tooheys Red*)

    11 Four Seasons Ale 5.0%
    Slightly sweet on the palate with a clean hop finish.
    (Victoria Bitter*)

    15 Van Dieman’s Premium Lager 5.2%
    Light textured lager with a light malt flavour and extremely smooth hop finish.

    2 American Classic Pils 4.4%
    Typical of the American pilseners. Light colour and body with a fresh aromatic hop.

    3 Cowboy Lager 4.8%
    Very clean, light dry lager with minimal malt.

    51 Mexican Crown 4.9%
    Pale, light beer perfect for a dry hot summer’s day.

    13 Republican Lager 4.9%
    Light coloured, full flavoured lager with finely balanced malt and slightly sweet finish.
    (Crown Lager*)

    29 Canadian Pilsner 5.0%
    Light malt flavour with a full firm finish.
    (Labatts Blue*)

    5 Milwaukee Lager 5.0%
    Smooth full bodied American style, plenty of malt balanced by distinctive hop finish. (Miller’s Draft*)

    28 Canadian Cow 5.0%
    A Strong well matured lager with delicate hops and rich texture.

    27 Moleskins Export 5.1%
    Characteristic flavour and dry finish.
    (Molson’s Export*)

    73 Australian Amber Bitter 4.6%
    Amber coloured with pronounced bitterness and aroma.
    (Emu Bitter*)

    55 Kiwi Lager 5.0%
    Light full bodied beer with a clean crisp taste.

    12 Australian Export 5.0%
    The beer that made Australia famous. Light and well
    hopped for summer.

    17 Jezza Draught 5%
    Lightly hopped low bitterness smooth easy drinking style lager.
    (Carlton Draught*)

    74 Ossie Ostrich 4.6%
    Crisp hoppy lager for the WA climate.
    (Emu Export*)

    68 Tokyo Gold 4.5%
    Thirst quenching lager from Japan.

    108 Teds 4.9%
    Popular Australian lager with a sweet dry finish.
    (Toohey’s Extra Dry*)

    * Denotes similar in style to