• Premium Range $190

    34 The Original Pils 4.7%
    Based on the original Czech pilsner style, a beer that doesn’t just say hops it shouts hops.
    (Pilsener Urquell*)

    40 Dutch Premium Pilsner 5.0%
    Classic pilsner, smooth fruity flavour, fine hop bitterness on a clean dry finish.

    97 Chucks Best Premium Lager 5.0%
    Fresh & Clean tasting Lager with green and herbaceous light apple overtone.
    (Hahn Premium*)

    7 Australian Premium Wheat 5.0%
    A real surprise packet. Enjoy a nice light bodied beer with a delicate wheat aftertaste leaving your tastebuds begging for more.

    99 Thai Pils 5.7%
    A strong refreshing bitter pils typical of Asian beers in the styles of Bintang and San Miguel and Singha.
    (Singha Beer*)

    76 Black Bitzer 5.2%
    Dark lager with a medium body, full flavoured, reminiscent of dark ales.

    60 English Pale Ale 5.0%
    Sparkling thirst quencher with a long bitter aftertaste.

    35 Iceberg Beer 5.0%
    Roasted malt with slightly floral hoppiness.

    39 Dutch Lager 4.7%
    Floral hop and delicate fresh mown grass aromas. Some citric fruit notes and a gentle bitter sweet

    52 Mexican Dark Lager 4.6%
    Mexican copper coloured brew with full flavour and slight hoppiness.
    (Dos Equis*)

    45 German Blonde Lager 5.0%
    Beautiful blonde, full bodied lager offering fruit and malt flavours balanced by elegant hops.

    42 McSporran Lager 5.0%
    Distinctive lager from the highlands of Scotland. Rich, smooth and goes down like a dream.
    (Tennants Lager*)

    56 Newcastles Finest 5.0%
    Beautiful complex beer with a warm character and rich colour.
    (Newcastle Brown Ale*)

    30 Viking Lager 5.0%
    Soft lager with well balanced flavour.

    61 Olde Royale Pale Ale 5.0%
    Full flavoured malty ale with lasting aftertaste.
    (Double Diamond*)

    75 Docker Bitter 4.9%
    New to the list, no medals yet but sure to prove a winner in years to come.
    (Fremantle Bitter*)

    38 Dutch Dark Lager</b >5.0%
    Dark and flavoursome but not heavy. Good Xmas dinner brew.
    (Heineken Dark*)

    58 Nut Brown Ale 4.5%
    Easy drinking mid brown English style ale.
    (Samuel Smiths*)

    63 Pub Bitter 4.0%
    Traditional English bitter ale. This beer ia also available at 5% Alc (Recipe number 85)
    (Young’s Bitter*)

    * Denotes similar in style to