• Billabong New Age Range $225

    Brew No Brew Similar to
    129 John’s Red 5.5% Nail Red
    Nice caramel malt with citrus and tropical fruit hop characteristics
    131 3C IPA 6.5% War Hog
    Full bodied strongly bitter, citrus and pine flavours
    133 Freebooter Mosaic IPA 7% Pirate life IPA
    Strong yet well balanced, exhibiting tropical hop notes
    134 NEIPA 6% Juicy Bob’s NEIPA
    Soft bitterness backed up over ripe tropical fruit flavours
    138 John’s VPA 6.5% Nail VPA
    Light in colour with tropical fruit, pear and citrus hop flavours
    139 Imperial IPA 8.5% Pirate life IIPA
    Big malt and big hops. Big bitterness, this is a big mouthful!