Q. Can I brew the gluten free beer at the brew on premises?

    A. NO! Cross contamination is a big issue and the brewing process is to complex to accommodate individual brews.

    Q. Can I request a style of beer?

    A. Yes! We are already collating these requests to gain a consensus of style. You can contact us with your request

    Q. What size bottle and carton does the beer come in?

    A. All our range of beers are in 330ml glass bottles and there is 24 to a carton.

    Q. Can you deliver to my home and how much does it cost for delivery

    A. Yes we deliver Australia wide, you can obtain a price by adding your choice to the cart and when prompted provide your post code and the site will update and display the freight and all up cost including estimated time of delivery. There is no obligation on you to purchase at this point you can use it to obtain a price only.