• Beer: The Good News


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    We are looking at some new food recipes that is made with our beers or you may have a great food recipe to share with other beer lovers that we could publish and give it a test run, send it in. Have you got a drink that mixes in with our Ginger Beer let us know we will put it up on the web site.

    You want to do a brew in 2014 just click Brew On Premises. to find out more and book in.

    Here we will be presenting some of the ever changing thoughts by academics on the subject of good news. We all now that one day something is good for you then bad, but isn’t it strange that over the years mankind has survived all things that are now deemed bad for you by some, such as the humble spud, eggs, beer, so if we could time travel we should go back and warn the Egyptians, that the beer they are making will, send you mad, prevent proliferation of mankind, cause major catastrophe.

    So we all know good beer, drank in moderation is one of life’s reasons for being.

    Cheers & Beers for now from the Billabong Brewing Team and remember Drink Responsibly.